Kirisun ZCS-KRSD3 vertical data collection station


★ Automatic data collection

★ Hierarchical management and authorization certification

★ Automatic device charging

★ Automatic data clearing

★ With breakpoint resume function

★ Support parameter setting function

★ Data retrieval function can be classified storage and retrieval of law enforcement instrument equipment number, time, police information and other fields

★ System management software supports query, retrieval, deletion, download and other functions of files uploaded by law enforcement instruments

★ Good system compatibility, compatible with mainstream market law enforcement instrument products

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The data collection station produced by Kirisun is special equipment developed to solve a series of problems of single-alarm evidence uploading. Automatic password identification, automatic identification of device number, etc.

The device uses low power consumption, no noise, supports 7 * 24 continuous battery life, advanced system, simple and fast operation, good stability, and fault alarm detection function.

Additional information

Digital Storage Capacity

4TB, 8TB, 16TB